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Ah man, I didn’t exactly get the pic to represent this site and it’s awesome special deals where you can save up to 73% with a Thickumz discount and I think that it’s likely because I’m so shit at even basic IT stuff.

I used to know my stuff man, at least the basic stuff but I’m slowly turning into my dad who, when he got a new TV for Christmas last year, couldn’t even pilot the new remote before my little brother gave him a crash-course on it and even after that he still phoned him almost every day for the first 2 weeks before the shit sank in.

All the pics I wanted to use are giving me messages like permission not allowed or opening or clicking them just takes me to other pics and scenes. Not that those aren’t cool, well actually they aren’t, they’re stupid hot, but you know what I mean.

This site is all about fit chicks but with thicc asses and that, my gawd, really grabs my attention.

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