The Assumption About the Typical Milf Dating Website That Will Fuck You Up


There are many assumptions that guys have that end up sabotaging their game plan when it comes to hooking up with members of the opposite sex. I probably don’t need to remind you of this. You probably don’t need to be reminded because this happens to you all the time. Well, if it does, welcome to the club. You are hardly alone.

You see, most of us are victims of our assumptions. We go around life with this faulty programming and we don’t bother to check. Not surprisingly, we step into one pit after the other. We end up screwing ourselves over and over again and it seems like it’s very hard to make any headway.

Believe me, this happens all the time. Unfortunately, unless you start behaving differently and start looking at things from a totally different perspective, you are doomed to repeat the same patterns over and over again.

Do you remember those road runner cartoons where that coyote keeps running after the road runner? Despite all the bullshit that he goes through, he keeps running after the road runner. It seems like he can’t learn from his mistakes. I mean, there were many times that I wanted to throw my shoe at the fucking TV and tell the coyote, “Dude, just do what you did before because you came that fucking close!”

Unfortunately, he assumes he has to do something else differently. Do you see how that works? So the same applies to us. If you really want to get the most out of the typical milf dating website, you have to question your assumptions. Or just use a real good one like the one I did which is

One of the most common assumptions that guys have is that all the women there are theirs for the taking. In other words, when you go to that typical milf dating website, all the chicks there would digitally jump on your cock, suck your dick, tongue your ass, and want to get fucked by you. Unfortunately, this is bullshit. Don’t believe the hype. Don’t let the smoke get into your eyes and distort your view of reality.

The truth is, the typical milf dating website requires work. I know that truth bomb really obliterated your assumptions about that website, but I’m just doing you a big favor. If you go in there thinking that it’s just going to work almost magically, then you’re doing yourself a big disservice. You’re screwing yourself up. You’re robbing yourself of the victory and success you are otherwise capable of achieving. So fuck your assumptions and focus on actually making human connections and you would do just fine.

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